SAE J3300_202005 PDF


Driving Level Skill Certification
standard by SAE International, 05/13/2020

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This SAE Recommended Practice is intended to establish a procedure to certify the fundamental driving skill levels of professional drivers. This certification can be used by the individual driver to qualify their skills when seeking employment or other professional activity. These certification levels may also be used by test facilities or other organizations when seeking test or professional drivers of various skills. The associated family of documents listed below establish driving skill criteria for various specific categories.

  • SAE J3300: Driving level
  • SAE J3300/1: Low mu/winter driving
  • SAE J3300/2: Trailer towing
  • SAE J3300/3: Automated driving

Additional certifications to be added as appropriate.

This main document provides: (1) common definitions and general guidance for using this family of documents, (2) directions for obtaining certification through Probitas Authentication¿¿ , and (3) driving level examination requirements.

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