NACE TM21431-2019 PDF


Cathodic Protection Systems for the Mitigation of External Corrosion of Buried and Submerged Metallic Piping Systems at Nuclear Power Plants
standard by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 01/27/2020

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New NACE TEST METHOD! The purpose of this NACE International standard test method is to specify test methods and test conditions used to evaluate thermal properties, insulation values, and performance/integrity before and after thermal aging of insulative coatings. Testing for corrosion resistance is not included in this test method.

The primary intent of this standard is to specify test conditions that would provide a baseline evaluation – one that would allow direct performance comparisons between different insulative coatings. This standard is designed to have practical test procedures and limited test conditions. It also includes five mandatory appendixes that describe hot plate designs and thermal test setups, all of which are used in this standard test method.

This standard test method introduces new test methods to determine if, and at what rate, an insulative coating’s properties deteriorate with thermal aging. Test methods are given for both organic and inorganic based coatings. This standard test method is intended for use by facility owners, engineers, coating manufacturers, and other interested parties.

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