IEC 61439-1 Ed. 3.0 b:2020 PDF


Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 1: General rules
standard by International Electrotechnical Commission, 05/05/2020

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IEC 61439-1:2020 lays down the definitions and states the service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics and verification requirements for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. This standard cannot be used alone to specify an ASSEMBLY or used for a purpose of determining conformity. ASSEMBLIES shall comply with the relevant part of the IEC 61439 series; Parts 2 onwards. This standard applies to low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (ASSEMBLIES) only when required by the relevant ASSEMBLY standard as follows:
– ASSEMBLIES for which the rated voltage does not exceed 1 000 V in case of a.c. or 1 500 V in case of d.c.;
– stationary or movable ASSEMBLIES with or without enclosure;
– ASSEMBLIES intended for use in connection with the generation, transmission, distribution and conversion of electric energy, and for the control of electric energy consuming equipment;
– ASSEMBLIES designed for use under special service conditions, for example in ships and in rail vehicles provided that the other relevant specific requirements are complied with;
– ASSEMBLIES designed for electrical equipment of machines provided that the other relevant specific requirements are complied with.

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